Friday, January 30, 2009

Off the beaten path...

In the midst of my vacation publications, I just want to vent.

I can't stand hypocrites. Nothing gets me as riled up as hypocrites.

I KNOW there are crooked people in the world. I KNOW you can't trust everyone. I KNOW that there is evil in the world, just as I know there is good.

What I DON'T need is for you to tell me who is evil and why they're evil. Do you know why I don't need that? Because Michael Moore - hater of all things capitalist - owns stock in Halliburton. Bruce Springsteen - defender of workers' rights - sells a CD exclusively at Wal-Mart (if you can find it, I'd like to know how much money he made on that deal).

As far as I'm concerned, Moore and Springsteen can kiss it. While you might hate the oil barons, at least you know what they're doing - they're trying to make money! M & S want you to think they're above that...they're too good for that...they're hypocrites.

So please - don't send me your emails telling me why one person's hypocrisy is better than another's. Don't defend your flavor of the week just because you don't like mine. In case you weren't aware - I am a college educated, working woman with enough brain cells left to read the stats and compare the data. Save your energy for someone too lazy to do the research (don't worry - according to the JED report there are 63 million of them out there).

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