Friday, January 09, 2009

Better late than never...

I still have pictures from Vegas to share, but I got a little busy. Now that things are slowing down, I have time to post some random pictures of my lil' puddin'. I'll narrate:

Here we have Ella modeling a new hat design, courtesy of Aunt Linda. Someone in Linda's house makes these hats, which tend to be long and narrow. To emphasize the length, I unfolded the cap.

Can't you see the excitement in Ella's eyes!! (Hey, she either runs through a picture, or you get this...beggars can't be choosers).

Next, we have Ella on the playground. Because she can move, she smiles!

I always like pictures in front of the picture. Ella, apparently, doesn't care...

...but she did squeeze in some play time with Link. Notice how completely she drapes herself over the cat? This is when she plays nice!

She's nice with Bo, though! As he was being changed, Ella was there to supervise...and give hugs!

And the "Band Ears". They aren't actually from a band trip...or a band concert...or anything really band related, but they are Ella's "Band Ears".

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Camille said...

LOL! Ella saw that last pic and says "Ella marching band" :-)

Link is gone. We haven't seen him in over a week. :-(