Monday, December 29, 2008

Who Rambles?

Everyone and their brothers, apparently.

I decided to Yahoo! search "The Ramblings" this morning (I would have googled it, but I'm using the hubby's laptop, and he's a Yahoo! man). It gave m 2.5 million sites. My site was NOT in the top 10...I don't even think it was in the top 20. I gave up.

It's not fair. My blog is called The Ramblings...I should be in there, shouldn't I? How come some stupid comment made on ESPN about someone 'rambling' to a finish came up as #2, but I didn't even break the top twenty?? [UPDATE: I searched the top Karin!]

I did find 4WheelBob, and Jen (who is surprisingly similar to my sister). But I also found a Crazy Man. And I found a Republican. Oh, and a band.

I suppose I can't hold it against these people that they, too, ramble, but I want to. I shouldn't blame them. It's not their fault. But I should blame SOMEONE, right?

It's Michelle's fault.

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Camille said...

Yeah, it's all Michelle's fault. Trust us. We know.