Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Human Body

It's pretty amazing, isn't it? All of the layers of protection and support, to keep itself safe and healthy. I'm in awe. Like when you sprain an ankle and it instantly swells to protect the joint, or when your cuts bleeds and clot to flush out infection and then seal itself off. Wow. But here's one I don't understand...

So, over the years I've gotten into some bad sitting habits. I'm working on correcting these as I've gotten used to swiveling my hips, which actually causes my left leg to appear 1" shorter than my right. However, by paying attention to my posture (and a few minor adjustments) I've been doing well. Pat myself on the back...way to go!!

This past week I've been subbing in a high school (Winchestertonfieldville High) and walking a TON. I drive to and from work, but nothing big. I rarely find myself sitting until just before I got to bed. My hips should be good, right? Sure, you just keep telling yourself that...

Yesterday Matt and I drove for 1.75 hours to visit my parents. In desperate need of a shower, I waited until we arrived to forgoe the rust-heavy, hair destroying hard water at my place to enjoy the silky, softness of my folks' water. Everything was great. I cleaned, dried, fixed my hair, got dressed...then proceeded down the stairs to the rest of the house. Half-way down (eight steps to be exact) the hip starts up. I try to ignore it. I descend one more flight of stairs to the guy-paradise (50" high-def, plasma flat screen with Bose surround sound) and stop. I'm not in awe of the wonder of HDTV (college game day, after all). I'm in pain. Crazy, tight pain.

My left hip quit. Yep. That's right. I have some ability to move my leg forward and backward, but any side-to-side or swivel action is kaput. Have you ever noticed how much your hips swivel to help you get around each day? Me neither!!! Trust me, its a lot. Anyway, my hip hates me now. It doesn't want to move. It hurts. It's tender. And its uncooperative. Here are some hip-heavy activities that you might now about:

-Getting in and out of a car
-Getting into bed
-Changing directions while walking
-Rolling over in bed
-Adjusting your position while sitting

And I'm sure there's more...I'm trying to move as little as possible today. Hopefully I won't discover any other painful movements.

The lesson for today?? Stop taking showers. It hurts your hip ;)

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