Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My rebuttal

Gosh darn that stupid blogger that won't let me respond to anyone else's blog!!!

Okay, my sister has admitted to having liberal tendencies - AND SHE HAS ACCUSED ME AS WELL!! Humphh. I need to respond.

I am a registered Republican. I will ONLY vote for a Democrat if God were to instruct me to do so. I would rather not place a vote than to vote for a Democrat. I am okay with guns (I can hear the sharp intakes and expulsions of air as my faithful readers gasp, sigh and shout profanities). I don't believe everything the government tells me (be it Democratic OR Republican). I eat well.

Here's the deal...I eat well. I don't like chemicals. I don't like additives. I don't like greed. I LOVE God!!! I can't help but look at His word and wonder why there aren't any stories about ADHD, cancer or manic-depressive disorder. There were sick people healed, demon-possessed people delivered...but no such diseases. Now I haven't suffered these ailments, but I've read about those who have. These are the things I tend to see: (EXAGGERATED FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT)

"I received chemo for cancer. I lost all of my hair, was sick for a year and a half, had horrible abdominal cramping, uncontrollable gas, acne, tooth decay and ingrown toe nails. But it was all worth!!! Now the cancer is technically 'in remission', not gone, and even though I'm physically scarred, have had vital organs removed and will never be able to smell or grow toe nails again (not to mention I'll be taking 14 various pills daily for the rest of my life) - I feel GREAT!"

Hmmmm. And then I read:

"I was diagnosed with cancer. I stopped eating humanly-altered foods and went to an organic, all-natural, the-way-God-created-it diet and the cancer is not only gone, but my hair grew back thicker and shinier, my acne cleared up and I got pregnant when the doctor said I never would!"

Does that make me liberal? No...I think 'smart' is the right word. And the true heart of the decision?

God. Yep. Stick with what He put into play and life will always work out.

Now that I think about it, I was offended at being called a liberal, but I have the cure for that. AS SOON AS THE LIBERALS FIND OUT I'M A SPIRIT-FILLED, IN-LOVE, ON-FIRE CHRISTIAN THEY'LL RUN SCREAMING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!!

Okay, so I guess its not that bad.

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