Friday, May 11, 2007

My mom's better than your mom!!!

So say the good folks at 101.9 Sunny Country in beautiful Traverse City, MI. These fine folks have declared my mom THE BEST mom of all the entries they received for their "Mother Load" contest. And WHY did they select her?! Primarily because of her AMAZING daughter (that would be me). I mean, if it wasn't for me she wouldn't have been entered, right?? Okay, so maybe she did a few little things that made me consider writing in. In no particular order, here are some of the reasons I detailed:

-raised three daughters AND was legal guardian for her sister AND her mother (who were physically and/or mentally unable to care for themselves)
-never missed a basketball, volleyball or softball game
-never missed a band or choir performance
-never missed a play (even went to the dress rehearsals!!)
-made breakfast for us EVERY MORNING while we were in school (even on tournament days when there were extra kids in the house)
-made sure we were always on time
-volunteered for GOP and Right to Life
-never took a sick day

Wow!! The bar has been set pretty high! And since, for about eight years, she sacrificed her Mother's Day to help strike play sets I figured I would brag on her for a while...and what a pay off! Tell her what she won Bob!

Lorraine, you and one guest will receive a free overnight accommodation at the Holiday Inn on West Bay in spectacular Traverse City, MI. you will also receive a complimentary bottle of champagne at check-in, breakfast in bed the next day, a spa certificate, Mother's Day brunch for four and four movie passes to Carmike Cinemas!!

Thanks Bob.

Love you mom!!!

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Laura Clark said...

I would like to add: took care of your friends as if they were her own.

Your family is AMAZING. I miss you guys more than you could possibly know.