Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gilmore Girls...rewritten

So, late last night I was telling my hubby about the series finale to "Gilmore Girls" (a moment of reverential silence please). I admit, I haven't seen the final episode, but I've heard about it. However, I was hoping for a different ending. I got to wondering - what were YOU hoping would happen in the last show?? Here are our ideas (DISCLAIMER: Matt was slap happy, tired, and wondering where the "kitty titties" were on our male cat)

Karin: I wanted to see Loreli marry ANYONE, be happy...and get pregnant!! Really, the whole point of the series was the mother/daughter relationship. It would've been GREAT to see Rori move away and Loreli start again:)

Matt: He was hoping to see the car wash blow up and level the whole town. When I explained that the town didn't have a car wash, he thought it would be good to have the town build one first and THEN watch it blow up.

What did you want to see?

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Camille said...

I wanted to see a double wedding of Lorelai to Luke and Rory to Logan.