Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cookie Time!

When Aunt Linda moved in, one of my goals was to get her out of the house and active in as many ways as possible. Since she's been here I've taken her to a lot of events that I may not have attended on my own, and we've tried many new activities. Most recently we learned how to make fancy-pants Christmas cookies!

Our friend Rebecca is a cake and cookie decorator. She invited some ladies from church to her house where she showed us some amazing sugar cookie examples. Then she told us the most ridiculous thing - that we could make cookies just like those.
I was skeptical, but we had three dozen naked cookies. At the very least, we knew we could frost them and dump sprinkles on them, so we started.
It was the first time I've used a pastry bag, and I'm pretty sure it was Linda's first time too. We only had a few minor frosting explosions though, and Linda timed them perfectly to happen when she passed the bags to me, so she escaped relatively unscathed (I, however, ended up green).
Rebecca had us start with a base coat of royal frosting, which we let dry while we ate (of course - what would cookie decorating be without breakfast casseroles and muffins?). Here's a sampling of our cookies.
After brunch, we came back and started round two. Guess what? We made some pretty beautiful cookies! We also ate a lot of them, but we don't have to talk about that now.
Three hours later, we brought home the prettiest cookies I think either of us have ever made! I won't lie - it's inspired me. Next year I might forgo some of my Chex mixes and try my hand at more sugar cookies.

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