Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Linda and I made it to our second Traverse City Beach Bums game last weekend. This is one of our favorite summertime activities. A great stadium, cheap tickets, good team, and the BEST mascots around.

Wuerful Park

Here you have Suntan and Sunburn, everyone's favorite giant bears. They dance, they cause trouble, and they're more entertaining than a one year-old boy with his first birthday cake. My husband appreciates their antics (as he's not really a sports fan).

Suntan and Sunburn!

My dad drove up for the game, and he brought his new camera with him. I could resist capturing the moment, as one of his new favorite pass times is capturing all kinds of moments (also a favorite pass time of Linda's, but she forgot her camera).

Photographing the photographer

By far the most exciting part of the game was a foul ball in the second inning. It went up about three stories, during which Linda and my dad lost sight of it. They spotted it again as it whacked Linda on the hand. She hated everyone fussing over her, but while they tended to her, she grabbed that ball and stuffed it into my purse to make sure no one else ran off with it. (The next day she admitted that it was nice to have so many people care).

Post-hit ice pack

Suntan making mischief.

One of my favorite parts of Beach Bums games is their recognition of veterans and servicemen and women. At every game they ask past and present military to stand while they play "Proud to Be An American." Suntan, Sunburn, and stadium workers walk around handing out American flags to every veteran...

A handshake and an American flag

..And the teams come out of the dugouts to give our servicemen and women the standing ovation they deserve.

Honoring our military men and women.

And to make sure no one gets too emotional, my husband wears his camo hoodie with plaid shorts...

My husband...www.yooperstewart.com

We love attending Beach Bums games and are already planning our next outing. I don't know how it could top this last game though. Not only did a foul ball nail Linda, she also won a squishy ball during a between-inning giveaway! She has quite the trophy shelf now!

In a place of honor, beside her Detroit Tigers beer can.

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