Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cherryland Humane Society - Sharing the Love

Linda loves animals. When we visit our family in Vegas, the first question she asks is, "How's Izzy?" (my sister's dog). I'm pretty sure she goes to Vegas to see the dogs, cats, nieces, and her sister (in that order of importance).

Kitty love! Linda picked this cat because he reminds her of Sebastian, her cat from Jackson.
We have two cats at my house, and I've done very little to take care of them since Linda moved in. She feeds them, pets them, gives them treats, cleans the litter box, gives them snacks. Is it any surprise that they love her so much?

Our friend was a little shy. We spent the first 20 minutes petting him (and petting him and petting him).
Even with three dogs and six cats in her extended family, Linda isn't quite satisfied. She has lots of pent up petting energy and it needs a release! That's why we signed her up to volunteer at the Cherryland Humane Society. We went through orientation together, and now Linda is a registered, certified cat volunteer. Today was our first day of feline playtime.
Starting to warm up...
It was a long day of errands and appointments, but none of it mattered. Linda played with an adorable (adoptable!) kitty, which she has assured me was the best part of the day.

Because it was Linda's first day, I sat with her in the play room, to make sure she knows the ins and outs of the humane society. Our little kitty friend made sure I had something to remember him by...

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