Saturday, April 27, 2013

So long, dear cows!

Aunt Linda has yet to meet an animal she doesn't love. I haven't had to worry about my cats since she moved in. (To be honest, when she was gone one weekend I forgot to feed the cats until they started howling.) Knowing how much she loves animals, I knew she'd enjoy going with me to the farm.

The farm greeters. They were looking for a treat - they remember Linda because she always knows where to find the box of dog treats.

This is part of the dairy herd. Off-and-on for about two years we had the privilege of owning part of this herd, so we enjoyed fresh, raw milk every week. Things have changed, however, so the cows are finding new homes. We wanted to take some pictures before we said good-bye.

Linda could usually get the older cows (above) to moo at her. The calves (below) never gave us the time of day.

Except this little guy (or girl?). He would run out to see us whenever we stopped by. He usually turned away once he realized he didn't have food, but this week he let Linda pet him for a while.

We certainly had fun visiting our bovine friends. We'll miss 'em, but Linda's not too worried. She's already found another horse ranch she'd like me to check out with her!

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