Saturday, January 05, 2013

Christmas and Ceramics

Last year Linda and I were blessed enough to spend Christmas with my family in Las Vegas (not gambling, they actually live there). One of the wonderful things about Vegas is that you can always find a deal to do something. This past visit we attended Ladies' Night at The Artful Potter, a paint-your-own-pottery joint in Sin City. Though it was my first time, Linda's an old pro at this type of shop.

My mom and Linda at The Artful Potter.

Linda found herself a ceramic jack-o-lantern, complete with an orange bulb so we can plug it in later.

The finished project! This was actually days later - the fact that she's wearing the same shirt is a complete coincidence.
Our trip out west was fun, but a long one. Two weeks away from home helps you appreciate what you have. It also helps the kitties appreciate those who feed them.It didn't take long for Bucket to welcome Linda back to the tundra.

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