Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Dear Aunt Karin,

Today I was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter in the mail - a LETTER! The writing on the envelope was my mom's, but the letter inside didn't even need a signature. My dear little Pudding Cup, at age 5, wrote me a letter.

With Love, Pudding Cup
Please allow me to translate:

"Dear Aunt Karin,

You are my favorite aunt in the whole world (don't tell Mimi). I miss you SOOOO much. When are you coming to visit? I'll let you sleep in my room on the top bunk. Will you bring Pink and Purple with you? I want to play with them in real life.

Please come visit me soon (Babcia said she'll buy you a ticket because she's just the greatest grandma in the whole world).

With Love, Pudding Cup"

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