Monday, August 09, 2010

Garden Update (Long Overdue)

Here's an update on our gardening attempts. Though Matt has the experience, he doesn't have the time, so most of the maintenance is my responsibility. These pictures were actually taken in early July...I'm a little behind schedule. Oops!
My new thermometer. Our digital one was eating up batteries, and the temps online are NEVER accurate. I had to get this big one so I could see it from inside (we don't have anyplace else in the shade where I could hang it and still see it).
Hasta and lamb's ear(?). The lamb's ear took a while on the transplant...we'll see next year if it makes it.

Our ferns. According to Matt these are very tempermental plants - he says they'll continue to pout until next year, but then they'll grow in tall and green. Until then, we have these stupid looking things in the front yard.

My herbs! These are now WAY out of control. I need to read up on drying them, because these plants desperately need to be trimmed (my basil is about 3X bigger now!). I did lose both of my cilantro plants :( Note: when they start to flower, cut the flowers off IMMEDIATELY! We didn't get to them quick enough and ended up with LOTS of flowers, but no more yummy cilantro leaves. Oh well. Live and learn.
Hastas? I'm pretty sure...
The veggies! Three tomato plants, two green pepper plants, and four zucchinis.
Here's one zucchini. We're not sure what's going on with these. They're big, and they have pretty, pretty flowers, but NO zucchinis. Hmm....
This was in July. They weren't doing well, so we bought organic fertilizer. Turns out it wasn't really fertilizer - it was step three of a four step lawn care system, so there was no fertilizer in it. Since the dude at the store was the one who pointed it out, we took it back and asked for a refund. They were very nice about it. Go Ace!
Our first bounty!!! Most of the cherry/grape tomatoes didn't make it into anything other than our mouths. The larger ones (I can't remember what the yellow ones are - I'll have to check) became some very yummy salsa!!


rose gold said...

The ferns are really ugly. You should try planting another to make it more beautiful. All of your plants are not in condition. If you are a new gardener you should first plant few before having many plants and care for them everyday. Monitoring is really important.

Melanie Giant said...

The weather today is really not predictable. Everyday I watch TV and see the weather but when I look outside, I think it is a lot different. My garden starts to wither because of the extreme heat we are having. But good for you, your garden is still up! Keep it up!

isabella cakes said...

Congratulations for keeping your garden good. I also have problems with the hot weather in here. My tomatoes are starting to dry up and my peppers too. I just hope that they can survive the heat until harvesting time.