Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

April 15 - tax day. Two years ago, it was much more stressful - it was surgery day.

On 4.15.08 Matt and I were Indianapolis while he had part of his lymphatic system removed. It was a long procedure, but it went smoothly. Though he required months to heal, some pretty awesome things happened because of it:

- We really got to know our pastors better. They've become such important people in our lives; we're so grateful for the time we got to spend with them.
- It reconnected me with my first college roommate, Beth. Even though Matt was in the hospital, I had a great time getting know Beth all over again (and yes, I introduced her to Facebook)
- Even though he was recovering, Matt and I got to spend more time together that summer than we have since we've known each other.
- That surgery represented that last treatment Matt would need to get rid of the cancer - he's been cancer free ever since and is now down to one CT scan a year with an oncologist visit every six months.

So as you groan about getting your taxes in today, you can smile in knowing that because of this date, Matt's still here :)

I love you, Honey!!

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Camille said...

We're glad, too! Just wouldn't be the same without our "Uncle Mott"!