Thursday, January 07, 2010

"The star, Jimmy! Get the star!"

Do you remember which great (great = cheesy) movie that's from?

I was just sitting here remembering the good ol' days (I have gray hair now...I can have good ol' days). There were some great movies back then. I remember when my dad used to rent a VCR from the appliance store so that we could watch movies (which we also got from the appliance store). My sisters and I must have watched "Wild Blue Yonder" and "Space Camp" fifty times.

What were your favorites? (And who knows the quote? My money is on Bob C...)

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Robert said...

I've been absent from checking your blog for some time now, and return honored to see my name in print. (I'm going to go ahead and assume that Bob C is indeed me. Maybe I'm just vain)

And your movie reference has to be the Wizard, which I distinctly recall being ubber geeked about at the time of it's release. We rented movies from Horizon Video which later became the Blockbuster franchise stores in TC. It was in the shopping plaza where Subway is in Acme. We didn't normally rent new releases (afterall, our last name isn't Rockefeller), but I begged and kicked and screamed until my mom caved on that one.

Back then we owned about six movies of our own, so I can pretty much quote Three Amigos, Howard The Duck, Back To The Future and Little Shop of Horrors verbatim.