Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Newest Addiction

Canada Dry Ginger Ale with Green Tea - whew!

My sister picked some of this up on sale the when I was visiting. It didn't last long. It's not too sweet and the tea gives it a truly refreshing zing. Ah!

I've been telling Matt about it for a while and it was finally on sale today! We bought a 5 qt. pail of vanilla ice cream last week for root beer floats and he decided today to buy some ginger ale for floats too. I convinced him to pick up some with green tea and we went home. He had a ginger ale float. I had a baby one with green tea (4 oz, tops).

Fast forward five hours and I returned from the baseball game. I'm running around the kitchen and pick up the two liters to move them. Over HALF of the GA with GT is gone!! I looked a Matt.

His eyes turned into saucers. "I think you're gonna need to buy some more of that this week."

Another convert.

On a similar (but different) note, we also tried the Pepsi Throwback - made with sugar (not high fructose corn syrup). Another round of thumbs up. Once again, it's not as sweet at the regular Pepsi. Granted we don't drink a whole lot of soda anyway, but when we do Matt and I usually have to split a can (yes, a can) because it's too sweet to handle.

So there you have it folks: two sweet, but not too sweet, soda alternatives.


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Camille said...

I don't think I've seen that stuff since I bought it! :-)