Friday, May 15, 2009

Bubble Butt: Take Two

I did it again...signed up for Weight Watchers. Why? Because I'm an emotional eater and I can't do this alone.

I did great last summer, then I blew it. I stopped exercising and ate whatever I wanted. Now I feel awful, I look just as bad, and I'm frustrated with myself.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing is the fact that I don't even realize what I'm eating. There are times when I KNOW I'm being bad ( and ice cream, it doesn't take a genius). But then there are times when I don't even realize what I'm puting in my mouth. I think, "I did GREAT today", but then I think about everything that I ate: the handful of M&M's at school, the cookie from the bank, popcorn made my hubby (which was cooked in oil and covered it butter). Without even thinking about it I'm shoving that into my face.

This is a real frustration for me. I don't have energy and my clothes are tight. I'm sick of watching my waistline reflect my mood. I really can't keep this up for the rest of my's too frustrating. But I also know that I can't run five times a week an hour each time because that's not realistic for me.

I don't know why I put this up here. I just did. I needed to vent. Sorry.

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