Friday, April 17, 2009

I got it! Check it out...

...I finally have a theme for my writing blog!

I know, I sounds like it already has a theme (uh...writing), but that is VERY vague. I was never sure if I should offer helpful hints, questions, problems, ideas, samples...there's just SO much involved that I was never sure where to go.

Now I have it.

My writing blog is going to be my on-line journal capturing the madness of my attempt to get a novel published. It could go on for years. Or I could get lucky and end it in 12 months. adkvnowvnovnwejvno (Sorry, I was laughing so hard that I just kind of fell on the keys).

Anyway - that's the plan!

To know how I feel, what I'm thinking, and see how the process works, check it out :) I'd love to have you stop by...

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