Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My New Friends

I spent this year's July 4th in my FAVORITE place in the whole world: Winchestertonfieldville! (I'd tell you where I really was, but I don't want it to get'll just have to guess.)

Anyway, it's my favorite place to be on July 4th. The parade is cute, the fireworks are good, and, if I'm lucky, I can even go to a fan-tab-u-lous Arts & Craft fair (or the Fart Fair, as my hubby calls it). The best part: it's still a small town, so it's not very crowded.

This year I made two new friends: Jessica & Alex. They are my sister's, boyfriend's kids (for photos of said sister and boyfriend, see "Hoopersize!"). Alex is six, and Jessica is just one month away from the big 4! They were so much fun! Below are some shots I took while we were playing at the playground. I'll narrate:

This is Jessica, playing on a bouncy thing. I told her to smile for the camera...she just wasn't sure where the camera was :)

And this is Alex, or Monkey Girl. If she could swing across it, she did!!

Daddy and Jessica, enjoying the swings (I tried to get a picture of Daddy pushing my sister, but apparently the swings are much scarier to a 30 year-old woman than they are to a 4 year-old child. Maybe next year...)

This was more of my sister's speed. She hopped on the back of the bouncy thing with Jessica...until Jessica politely informed my sister, "Um, you don't know how to do this. You can get off".

In one final attempt to enjoy the playground, my sis climbed on the tire swing with Alex. This was about as good as it got...before Alex threw my sister off the tire swing. Apparently my sis just isn't cut out for playgrounds. Alex & Jessica are though...they loved it!

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