Friday, July 11, 2008


My sister recently posted a tribute to the cute things my 8 year-old niece says. While Sarah is, in fact, quite adorable, few people match the verbal eloquence of my hubby. Except maybe for Michelle. Regardless, here are a few of the more recent Matt-isms:

- (Setting: Matt is already in bed. I turn off the light and climb in).
Matt: You're so cute.
Me: How can you tell? The lights are off?
Matt: But I remember your cuteness.

- (Setting: A very tired Matt took a "quick" seven minute shower).
Me: Did you use your new Mary Kay facial bar?
Matt: I didn't have enough time.
Me: You didn't have enough time to wash your face??
Matt: I eat slow! I can't change my clothes like Superman! I couldn't wash my face! Have you ever seen how fast he changes his clothes?! He jumps into a phone booth and changes. Who can do that??
[I still don't know how Superman fits in...]

- (Setting: I went to bed @ 1am. The alarm went of @ 6am. Matt reset it. 7am - alarm goes off).
Me: Why did you reset the alarm?
Matt: [in bed, sound asleep]
Me: Honey, why did you reset the alarm?
Matt: Because you went to bed at 1am. I thought you could use the extra sleep. [yawn]
[ thoughtful...]

And finally...we had to take the headboard off of our bed (we have two cats...they see the headboard as a challenge and our bodies as landing zones). Matt moved it last night. Twenty minutes later I don't hear anything. I walk into the bedroom to see him laying across the bed, staring out the newly exposed window.
Me: Whatcha doing?
Matt: Test driving the window.

Ah. If laughter is the best medicine, I don't think I'll ever be sick again :)

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davita said...

Aw.... too funny.

Tell Matt I said Superman CAN change fast. :)