Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Family of Converts

So, when I got married I adopted a lot of habits from my new family. First, I'm no longer cranky about having absolute plans. They're pretty laid back about family time...I'm getting better. I also appreciate family history more. I tend to just get rid of "junk", but my mother-in-law takes a fine-toothed comb to her family's belongs, just to make sure nothing of value gets tossed. I'm making a effort to check with Matt about the historical value of items before I get rid of them (NOTE: if an item has merely sentimental value but no 'historical' value, I take a picture and then chuck it). And then, of course, I took their name. They've given me a it's my turn.

The Detroit Red Wings have made it through the NHL playoffs to the Stanley Cup Finals. Since I don't have TV reception, the in-laws are kind enough to let me come over and watch the games. My mother-in-law isn't much of a sports fan. Sure, she endures it while her husband watches, but she is pretty indifferent. Not anymore :)

For Game 1 of the S.C.F. I was out of town, so I couldn't drive over to watch. My father-in-law was called out late that night to work, so m-i-l was all alone. Just to make an effort, she flipped on the game to see what was happening. She watched the WHOLE game...ALONE!! I was so proud that I brought my extra jersey to the house for her to wear for the rest of the series.

Since then, m-i-l has not only watched every game, but when I wanted to watch the Wings and her hubby wanted to watch the Pistons, she adamantly declared, "No way! We're watching hockey tonight!" I was so proud :)

And so here are some play-off pictures from the Beery home. Not only have I introduced m-i-l to the wonderful world of hockey, but the family dog, Lady, got sucked in too. She even dressed for the occasion!

This is Lady watching the game.

This is Lady's close up...

And this is a photo of two generations of Beery women, Karin & Karen (yep...that's my m-i-l's name too!). It's been a great series (except for the triple overtime loss...don't even get me started).

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Camille said...

And Lady even has a Red Wings sweater -- how cute!