Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Is this a write-off?

I did it! I cut my hair!

I couldn't handle it anymore, so I went to Bo Tangles on 14th St. (I called @ 2pm and they could get me in @ 3pm...I booked it!). Yeah, it's a chain and it's not high-end, but the price was right ($19) and they took me immediately. I went over as soon as I could.

Well...I wanted my hair cut above my shoulders and a little light bulb went off over my stylist's head. Ding! "If you donate 10" of hair then the cut only costs $10). Perfect.

So she cut off 10" and 47 lbs. of hair and now I'm just adorable! Even Matt likes it (well, he agrees that its 'not bad'). I love it.

I'll have Matt take a picture soon and get it posted. Can't wait to show you!

1 comment:

davita said...

YAY for lots of hair cut off... I got 8 inches cut off but couldn't donate as I dye my hair. Boo...