Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Sister's Magic Fingers

This is the story of a scarf. It's not any ol' scarf either. It is the scarf that, as my brother-in-law says, makes 5 year-old girls everywhere jealous. Here is it's tale.

It all starts with a different scarf. Blue, gray and black, hand knit by my sister. It's wonderful. I wear it all of the time. My friend Sha-nay-nay sees it and LOVES it! She's been looking for one just like it all winter! Where can she get one?!? Being the self-less, considerate, humble person that I am, I give her mine. When I leave Sha-nay-nay's house I call my sister in the car:

"I need a new scarf. I'd like it to be colorful and unique."

Sister with the magic fingers is on the case. She calls me before Christmas to tell me its done. It'll be under the tree.'s something she's never done before. In fact, it's kinda wild. Honestly, she's not sure about it, so if I don't like it all I have to do is tell her and she'll pull the stitches and make a new one. Sounds good to me.

Christmas Eve. I open the box. I pull out 7'6" of bold, twisty rainbow scarf. I'm scared. It looks like someone may have taken round pot holders and strung them together. Turquois and red? Raspberry and orange? The colors astound. I look at my sister with the magic fingers.

"I'm not sure about..."

"What?!? You want me to take it apart?? Do you know how long that took me to make?!?!"

"It's perfect."

Mid-January arrives. The scarf has been sitting in my house. Not even the cats go near it. But it's a gift. I must wear it, at least once, even if the spirling yarn exposes my neck to the elements. I put it on and go to the grocery store. My neck is surprisingly warm. The cashier admires my scarf. I decide to try it for a while. By the end of the winter I have received quite a few compliments.

October 2007 I read on-line that long, skinny scarves are out. Chunky, bulky scarves are in. Whatever.

November 2007 I pull out the winter wear. I grab my scarf. I cannot go into public without at least one person asking about my scarf, wondering how I made it or where I bought it. I am running errands and Christmas shopping with my husband. At Wal-mart I see the librarian who assisted me less than an hour before at the library. I say hello. She replies:

"Where's your scarf??" (In the cart, for those of you wondering)

In Target a woman approaches me:

"You were at Wal-mart earlier today, weren't you? I remember the scarf."

My desire in life has been that people would remember me for my love of God, for my humor and for my heart. I fear now that I will be remembered for my scarf.


Camille said...

Really, it needs a picture. I don't think I took one before I gave it to you.

For those wondering -- I used yarn that was too bulky. I will re-do it so that it turns out pretty.

This is kinda what it was/is supposed to look like:

Camille said...

And if you click on the yarn they used -- super bulky weight. Exactly the same kind I used. Hmmmm....

Camille said...
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Karin said...

View my sister's other creations at:

Karin said...

Oh...and this blog was in praise of my sister. She did "good".

Nerdy said...

Ok, I couldn't find a picture but I'm still pretty sure I want one too.

:::runs to cammie's blog to tell her:::

Nerdy said...

See ... now that I actually see the scarf I totally want one now.