Friday, February 09, 2007

What a GREAT day!!!

Wow! What a great day!!! FIRST - I JUST got my new laptop. Woo hoo!! (Homer Simpson)

For my birthday I combined birthday money, gift cards and a store credit to put towards a Sony Vaio. I was still short but my WONDERFUL, HANDSOME, COMPASSIONATE husband told me not to worry about it...he pitched in the rest of the money for my birthday!! :) (SOOOO many reasons I married that man).

And then - AS IF THE COMPUTER ISN'T ENOUGH - Matt called today to tell me about some tickets his boss gave him...TO THE RED WINGS GAME THIS SUNDAY!!! Yes, that's right! I will be going to the Wings game in TWO DAYS!! Until then, boy will I learn everything about this beauteous machine :)

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