Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review: The Ride of Her Life by Lorna Seilstad

Can a determined roller coaster designer take a reluctant, no-nonsense widow on the ride of her life?
The only man pragmatic Lilly Hart needs in her life is four feet tall and six years old.

Widowed two years ago, Lilly left the shelter of her intrusive in-laws home to stand on her own and provide for her son,
Levi. She figures after a summer of working at the lake, she should have enough money for a place in the city where
she could get a job at the candy factory. When her interfering in-laws show up at the Midway diner where she’s
employed insisting her tent home at Lake Manawa is unsuitable, she is furious. They demand she allow Levi’s return
to their home. A verbal altercation ensues and a handsome stranger intercedes on her behalf.

The stranger, she soon learns, is the roller coaster designer, Nick Perrin. But Lilly is not about to get involved with any
man, especially a cocky rich man whose job requires him to travel the country. Charismatic Nick, however, is hard to

Saving Levi pulls them together, but will Lilly let her fears tear them apart?  


I read Lorn Seilstad's first book, Making Waves, when I agreed to review the book for her. When she came out with the next two books, A Great Catch and The Ride of Her Life, I couldn't wait to volunteer to review them for her - Seilstad quickly became one of my favorite historical romance writers.

Like her first two books, The Ride of Her Life introduces Lilly and Nick - endearing, flawed, engaging characters. Lilly and Levi quickly pull you into their lives. Then Nick pops in, capturing everyone's heart, including Lilly's. 

Seilstad's plot and setting wrap you up in their world, taking you on a fantastic, romantic adventure. A wonderful story.

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Valerie (ValsVicinity) said...

This is one I'm really anxious to read, but I haven't read the first two in the series yet. The whole trilogy in on my to-be-read list, I just have to find time to get to them!

The cover on this one is simply splendid, and it makes me want to read it even more. The roller coaster part of the story really intrigues me.... Hopefully I'll get around to the trilogy this summer. :)