Saturday, March 10, 2012

Midgie Missed Me

I know family members shouldn't really have favorites, but at the Beery home sides have been taken. Bucket loves Matt, and Midgie loves me. Bucket will hang out with me if no one else is around, but as soon as Matt walks into the house I'm chopped liver.

Midgie, on the other hand, prefers me and me. While I was gone for two weeks she pretty much ignored Matt. When I got back, she started stalking me:

Even thought it sounds like she wants my attention, it's more than that. Midgie has decided that we have a "spot". She doesn't just want me to pet her - she wants me to follow her to "our spot". I wouldn't mind so much of we had a nice spot, a cozy or scenic or comfortable spot, but that's not the case.

This kitty likes the bathroom. Fabulous. Look at her - rolling around, purring, looking for some lovin'. She's just weird (she is, after all, a Beery).

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