Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Review: From Darkness Won by Jill Williamson

Book Three of the Blood of Kings trilogy, Achan prepares to fight Esek and Lord Nathan to take his rightful place as the Crown Prince. Part of his duty includes marrying Lady Avarella, a woman he's never met, but will join with forever, even though it means abandoning his true love, Vrell Sparrow.

What Achan doesn't know is that Vrell is Lady Avarella, but she's not ready to marry for duty. That's why she runs, and ends up stormed, forgetting Achan and her time with him.

Can Achan win the war for his throne? More importantly, can he win back the woman he loves?

In book three of the series, Williamson wraps up the series with all of the adventure, tension, excitement, and emotion of the first two books. I was honestly afraid of the length of the book, it's over 600 pages, but Williamson did a good job of keeping the momentum going. And for those of us who are die hard romantics, she doesn't disappoint us.

The first two books of this series are Christy Award winning novels. Book three continues Williamson's fabulous series. A great read, all 600 pages.


Adam Blumer said...

I'd love to be part of the drawing. Thank you. ablumerster at gmail dot com.

Camille said...

Is this a give away? If so, sign me up! If I don't win, please remind me to look these up for Sarah.

Karin said...

Cam, Sarah would love these :) I really enjoyed the series.