Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Matt and I just got back from Vegas, and it was a great trip. We especially enjoyed our overnight stay down state with my College Bud and her boy, Matthew. We spent Saturday night with Big Matt and Little Matt watching movies and eating pizza (this is downtown Milan, where we got our pizza).

Sunday morning, Little Matt got some Legos from a giant bunny. He and Big Matt worked hard to put everything together.

One of their creations ...

After breakfast and Legos, Big Matt and I headed to Canton, Michigan for Big Matt's first ever Ikea experience.

Matt with his brand new Tim Horton's travel mug (which doesn't get you any type of discount ... blah), our new(er) car, and the store!

Matt loved this, but I wasn't up for spending $450 on it, so we settled on the $15 pillow.

I didn't realize until we got home that his hand was in front of the food! :) His first Ikea Swedish Meatball dinner. He's a fan!

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