Friday, March 11, 2011

Cry Babies: What Dems and Reps Teach Each Other

Time and time and time again I get really worked up by goings on in the world. I can absolutely handle it - I don't expect everyone in the world to agree with me, and I don't think everything will always work out the way that I want. I'm okay with that. However...I get really riled up at double standards (and really, who doesn't). Sometimes it can be difficult to bite my tongue.

I mean, closed door meetings have not place in politics. Neither do congressmen who push through bills without letting everyone read what's in them. Who in Wisconsin thinks it's okay to abuse their majority power and push through a bill that is obviously controversial and not approved by all?

I'm not sure, but I think I've seen this before. Closed door meetings. Long bills that no one has read. And suddenly we have nationalized health care.

Where did the Wisconsin Republicans learn their tactics? Probably from the Federal Congressional Democrats.

And isn't it those Federal Congressional Republicans that are promoting hate in this country? Did you see how they yelled during health care debates? They interrupted people, used their outside voices, and generally lacked respect for the legislative process.

I suppose that's where the Wisconsin Democrats learned how to behave during the recent collective bargaining debacle.

So who's the bad guy here? What we should be upset with is the fact that these people don't seem to be able to act like adults - if they can't have it their way they either exert their power with no regard to others, scream like children, or run away so they don't actually have to do their jobs.

Everyone had a chance to voice their opinion - it's called VOTING. In 2008, the majority of the country favored a liberal government, so we got healthcare. In 2010, the majority of Wisconsin favored a conservative state, so they're losing collective bargaining.

It's time for everyone to RESPECT THE PROCESS. The current government reflects the people. Let them do their jobs. If Wisconsin is making a mistake, they'll realize it soon enough and then the state can vote in another group of people to represent their desires. That's what makes this country great - we can change the balance of power every few years, but if we don't respect the way it works then we might as well close the voting booths and kowtow to the loudest whiners.

Your voices have been heard. Now go home, go to work, and let the government represent the people.

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