Monday, December 06, 2010

How To Start a New Christmas Tradition

I come from a close knit clan of five: two parents and three daughters. None of use married early, so by the time I got hitched, I had spent nearly 30 years celebrating Christmas the same way. I thought I would just include my hubby in my family ways, but for all of the premarital counseling a person receives, no one can really prepare you for blending traditions. Sometimes it doesn't work very well, so it's time to create some new traditions.

Starting a new tradition doesn't happen over night. It can take a couple of years to figure everything out, but you can do it. Here are a few techniques that I recommend for starting your very own traditions:

1. Find something that interests you. If you don't like baking, then don't try to start a cookie exchange. Don't go skiing if you don't like the snow. Pick a passion, and start there.
2. Find something that interests others. If you want to celebrate the holidays alone, then you can skip this part. If you want others to join you, however, then you need to think of them, too.
3. Figure out a way to blend the two interests. Having a bonfire on the ice skating rink obviously won't work, but if you make time for everyones likes, they'll make the time to attend.
4. Personalize it. Sticking with the bonfire theme: yes, they're fun, but you can make it better. Have everyone's favorite roasting food, or prepare a favorite hot beverage. Show people that it's not just about doing something, it's about doing something with them.
5. Be Patient. Doing something one year is a fun time. Doing it again the next year is a repeat performance. By the third year, the tradition is forming. Be willing to stick to it and give your event a chance to catch on.

With a little bit of thoughtfulness and a little bit of planning, anyone can start a new tradition. Have fun!

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Joanne Sher said...

Great ideas! Making your own traditions is one of the most special parts of the season. Makes the holiday your own :)