Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's not their fault you're stupid...

I went to Meijer today. I hate going to Meijer because checking out is the biggest pain! There are 108 lanes with cashiers, and only ever 6 cashiers. Then there are 56 U-Scan lanes with TWO people watching them. Oy.

I get frustrated there, especially with the do-it-yourself lane, so I've written a quiz to help people determine whether or not you should U-Scan:

1) When sliding my credit card I:
a. Slide it from any angle/direction and hope for the best
b. Slide it and wait for the magic to happen. I'm not sure why they have so many buttons there
c. Slide my card, then realize that I can't read anything smaller than a 28 font so I just start pressing buttons until the cashier has to come help me
2) When using coupons I:
a. Scan them first, then complain that they aren't working
b. Slide them right into the slot! (What's scanning?)
c. Press "finish and pay", then try to scan them
3) I like to use the U-Scan line when:
a. I have a cart full of clearance items that have special codes that may or may not scan
b. I have a hand full of coupons and am in a hurry
c. It didn't work for me the first 25 times, but maybe this time it will

If you selected ANY of these answers, get your butt OUT of the U-Scan lane and let someone help you...because you cause so many problems for everyone else that they have to send you your own personal cashier anyway!


robin said...

Do you have Trader Joe's in your area? They don't have the best produce, but man, their check-out line is a breeze. ONE (sometimes long) line, that feeds into the cashier area, and whichever cashier is free takes the next person in line. Even lines of 40-50 people disappear within ten minutes or so!

Karin said...

Oh, I wish, but no.

One time at Meijer I got in a line and the woman two people up took 20 minutes to unload her cart (it was FULL) to find out her government assistance program voucher was void until the next week.

Then the guy in front of me was on WIC and the store changed their qualifying cheese option, so we had to wait for him to run ALL the way to the back of the store and get another one...which was still the wrong one.

That was a 50 minute experience for me. I NEVER shop their if I'm in a hurry.

k said...

I think you need to have a special column in the paper or TV spot like "The Rant" on 7&4. Your comments are so good and sooooo ring true.
faithful follower, karenB.