Thursday, April 17, 2008

My easy method to coupon-shopping

1) make a spread sheet of all of your coupons: include name of product, exp. date, minimum purchase required, amount saved and, possibly, the number of coupons you have
2) get your weekly ads
3) print out your spread sheet and put everything on the floor
4) circle everything that's on sale for which you have a coupon
5) compare sale prices with each other
6) find the most appropriate coupon for your purchase
7) plot a route for all of the stores you need to visit
8) go shopping
9) use a U-Scan lane...there's no coupon Nazi to get in the way

See...a simple nine step process!! Of course, you do need to update your spread sheet weekly. And buy the paper weekly. And get some Sharpies (they work best). And drive around town (get a rice-burner).

Okay, fine. My process works for the anal/compulsive. But the bottom line is the things that are on sale AND have a coupon. It's great.


Camille said...

I love the U Scan idea!!

davita said...

I'm totally gonna give this a shot! :) I think we should have a contest... ha.

(you win, I'll tell you already. I eat tofu and that stuff is expensive)

Roseanne said...

Great work.