Thursday, October 27, 2005

Auggghhh!!! Grrrr....humpffff.

I just spent, like, THIRTY MINUTES spilling my guts and letting the world know about the angst and turmoil I endure before posting a blog. I posted it, I went to read it - POOF! Nothing. Grrrr... (please reference "The World at Your Fingertips, archived Sept. 2004).

Well...TOO BAD!! You don't get to know now. Humpf. "I was going for innocence." - Pain, Hercules (the cartoon)

Okay, fine, I'll summarize:
Blog? What do I write? Funny? Trying to hard? Will anyone like it? Do I care? NO!!

That's it, in a nutshell - NOW GET OFF MY BACK! (Sheesh)

Sorry to keep raising my voice. I'm just frustrated. Sigh. Here's hoping someone else actually gets to see this.

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