Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Top 10 Ways to Appear Busy at Work

10) Always keep an open file on your desk. Even if it doesn't move or change all day, an open file suggests work.
9) Check your voicemail frequently. If your message light isn't on, insist that the phone must be broken.
8) Never minimize all of the useful work progams on your computer screen. Keep one up in the background so that you can quickly close out of other programs and have work readily available at your fingertips.
7) Play with your files. Flip through the drawer and occassionally pull one or two out to flip through. It doesn't matter what you're looking for as long as you're looking.
6) Buy stationary that resembles your work letterhead.
5) When receiving or making personal phone calls always address the other party as if he or she is a client. When leaving messages make sure to let them know when you will be in the office.
4) Buy a day planner with creative and fun pages. Flip through it frequently, as if checking your schedule, and enjoy the jokes and games.
3) Take letters to the mailbox one at a time.
2) Type frequently, even if it is only personal emails. Most people won't watch what you're doing, but if you sound like you're busy, you must be busy.
1) Always carry a pen and file folder when walking around the building, even if you are only going to the bathroom. People will think you're on your way to something important. If its available, have a radio or cell phone "in case of an emergency".

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